Ewa M. Guzik-Makaruk, Magdalena Zubańska, Sellected issues of implementation and using in practice new forensic solutions


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Janusz Sługocki, Payments of damages and fines to the National Fund for the Protection of Monuments


Wojciech Filipkowski, Cybercrimes of a terrorist character in Polish criminal law


Radosław Krajewski, Pregnancy arising as a result of a prohibited act as a prerequisite for its legal termination


Krzysztof Fila, Improper use by the courts of criminal law presumptions as the subject of appeal allegations – considerations taking into account Article 45 § 2 of the Penal Code


Grzegorz Ocieczek, Selected issues related to combating economic crime on the example of fraud of European Union funds. Key studies


Paweł Ostaszewski, Collectability of cash benefits and interest adjudged for the benefit of the Justice Fund


Łukasz Pilarczyk, The crime of evading the execution of a compensatory measure (Article 244c of the Criminal Code) – assessment of the legitimacy of the regulation


Karol Rutkowski, Criminogenic effects of procedural mistakes and infringements as well as indolence of law enforcement agencies and the justice system


Agnieszka Mikos-Sitek, Responsibility of local government entities related to the implementation of the budget formulation and execution process – selected issues


Maciej Janowski, Duration of legal self-help within the meaning of Article 343 § 2 of the Civil Code


Jakub Mróz, About accessory problem with directing perpetration in Penal Code – namely about urgent necessity of providing changes to Article 18 § 1 Polish Penal Code


Krzysztof Kmąk, Regarding the proposal to amend Article 60 of the Penal Code


Łukasz Pohl, Once again, on the erroneous formulation of the grounds for extraordinary mitigation of punishment in the Penal Code of 1997 (reply to the voice of K. Kmąk)


Case Commentaries


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