Law in Action is published by the Institute of Justice.

History of the Journal

Since its establishment in 1990, the Institute of Justice has conducted a wide range of analyses of court rulings and prosecutorial practice, as well as criminology, penitentiary and comparative legal research in the broadly defined areas of civil and criminal law and jurisprudential practice. In the period preceding Poland's accession to the European Union, the subject-matter covered by the Institute's studies was broadened to include issues related to the adaptation of specific areas of Polish law to European normative standards. Results of selected studies were published in three series of the Institute’s publications: the “green” series (devoted to studies on civil law and family and guardianship law), the “red” series (works on criminal law and criminology), and the “blue” series (focusing on EU law). However, not all analyses took the form of monograph treatises published as books. Works of a smaller volume were usually too long to be published in law journals. Consequently, after the Institute of Justice's predecessor, the Institute for the Study of Judicial Law, ceased to publish its Research Papers, there was no appropriate publication forum for presenting the results of the studies carried out at the Institute. A new regular periodical, Law in Action, was established to create such a forum. Its first volume was published in 2006, followed by subsequent editions based on contributor articles which had been gradually collected and which corresponded to the profile of the series. Usually, the thematic scope of particular volumes included analyses of court rulings and prosecutorial files, studies of contemporary problems related to the administration of justice, comparative legal analyses as well as discussions of legal doctrines and commentaries. Individual volumes were devoted to “Civil Cases” and “Criminal Cases”. However, the second volume included papers discussing the excessive length of court proceedings in both civil and criminal matters. From 2013 onwards, Law in Action has been published as a quarterly. The volumes are numbered continuously, as the quarterly iteration of Law in Action has fundamentally the same thematic scope and presents the results of studies conducted at the Institute of Justice in the same manner as the journal's previous publishing format. Individual issues of Law in Action are still devoted to Civil and Criminal cases. Once a year, we publish an English version of Law in Action with a collection of articles discussing different legal subjects.

Open Journal System

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