Law in Action is a law journal that publishes original, previously unpublished articles concerning various branches of law. It is published quarterly and has a particular focus on criminal and civil law, both substantive and procedural. Law in Action has been published by the Institute of Justice since 2006, initially as a regular periodical devoted mainly to the presentation of selected jurisprudential studies conducted by the Institute, and as a quarterly since 2013.

Each issue of Law in Action contains articles on a variety of topics, but it is possible to publish monograph editions. The views expressed by the authors in their articles do not reflect the position of the Institute of Justice.

Law in Action’s target audience is readers interested in legal science in general and criminal law and private law in particular.

Law in Action publishes articles that may be of interest not only to scholars, academic teachers and doctoral students, but also to journalists, analysts, and anyone else interested in exploring current and relevant legal issues.

Law in Action accepts and evaluates previously unpublished manuscripts conforming to its thematic scope on a continuous basis. Submitted manuscripts are initially evaluated by members of the Editorial Team and later passed on to experts in the given area, who carry out a double blind review. Manuscripts must be written in, or translated into, Polish. Articles written in English are also accepted.

Law in Action is published in printed and open-access electronic format under the Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution-NonCommercial International license (CC BY-NC 4.0). The original version of Law in Action is the journal’s online (electronic) version. Law in Action does not collect any fees for the submission or publication of articles."